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that will check the asian pacific century, our diplomatic corps, our business community, our navy and air force, a recognition that this is where the challenges are and there is a really exciting ferment of ideas and bubbling up of initiatives, people to people, you name it, the tape lace across the realm and there's nothing like success to make people want to remain engaged. we spent a lot and we've lost a lot in some of these other places. our investments in a shed generally have paid off remarkably, even when we have not been fundamentally successful in the evaluation stage. that is likely to continue into the future. >> a quick comment on this theme of our domestic challenges because i agree with what chris said 100% about our competitor versus the entire world. i would amend your statement a little bit. it's challenges on society and if we get our act together, the polarization, the lack of bipartisanship now. that is the single best thing we can do for china policy and what we can do for foreign policy in general. it will validator system, give us the resources we need. and if we do that,
are the aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines or whatever, you know, the navy at this point is just about power production. it is not clear that we need to be protecting our power everywhere in the world for that we need to be fighting undeclared wars on five continents. basically on all continents, including this one if you count the drug war and everything we have done in central and south america. you know, supposedly fighting drugs. we need to really rethink how much we want to intervene and how much we want our noses in other people's business. someone doing that is going to say, you're going to have to put up with a lot of people and coverage in "the new york times." some say why won't america come and help us. but the people should be helping themselves. they shouldn't be coming to the united states is to did help. the purpose of this country is to keep her own people and own interests. >> if qadhafi massacres of people, that's okay? >> no, it's not something that i have a solution here. >> first being that any cut in government spending on defense related programs means, by definition,
entirely current estimates required strength of the army and navy and air force. a subsequent study prepared for the secretary of state and assessed that any peacekeeping role for the united states and palestine would require an initial deployment of 104,000 troops and that the troop requirements would triple in the event of any outbreaks of conflict. the proposal to saddle britain with the security of a partition palestine is a particular significance. general marshall and most every other american wartime military leader had gone through many exasperating experiences. the wartime policies were colored by the postwar british empire. this has been a source of friction tween prime minister churchill, who was catalyzed by roosevelt in these memorable book writings. it goes even more detail. reactions to their british counterparts. general marshall had been involved with all of this british town stuff. it was later informed the british and french israeli forces restore egyptian control over the canal. president eisenhower's actions, like general marshall and the joint chiefs for any po
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3